Rahul Kumar
PhD Research Scholar
Civil Engineering Department
IIT Gandhinagar


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  1. Ph.D. (Pursuing) Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.(2016 to present)
  2. M.Tech. in Water Resources Engineering, SV National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujarat, India.(2014)
  3. B.Tech. in Civil Engineering, Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, Sultanpur, UP, India.(2012)
Research Interests
  1. Urban microsystems
  2. Climate change impacts on water resources
  3. Climate extremes
Journal Articles
  1. Kumar, R., Mishra V., J. Buzan, R. Kumar, D. Shindell, and M. Huber, 2017. Dominant control of agriculture and irrigation on urban heat island in India. Nature Scientific Reports. 7(1), 14054. Link
  2. Kumar, R. and Mishra V., 2019. Decline in surface urban heat island intensity in India during heatwaves. Environ. Res. Commun. 1 031001 Link
Technical Reports
  1. Mishra, V. and Kumar, R. (2016), Hydrometeorological Hazards in the district of Pune, Maharashtra, Government of Maharashtra.
  2. Mishra, V., Kumar, R. and Garg, A. (2017), Identification of climate vulnerability hot-spots in Meghalaya using high-resolution climate projections, Government of Meghalaya & Climate Change Centre Meghalaya Basin Development Authority. Link
  1. Kumar, R., Mishra, V., Buzan, J., Kumar, R., Shindell, D., Huber, M. (2017). Agriculture and irrigation as potential drivers of urban heat island. Paper ID Number GC21G-1019, AGU Fall Meeting 2017, New Orleans, USA. Link
  2. Kumar, R. and Mishra, V. (2015), Sustainability of Smart Cities under Climate Variability and Climate Change in India. Paper ID Number B33E-0783, AGU Fall Meeting 2015, San Francisco, USA. Link
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