Anukesh Krishnakutty Ambika
PhD Research Scholar
Earth Science
IIT Gandhinagar


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  1. Ph.D. Scholar, Earth Sciences, IIT Gandhinagar
  2. MSc Geoinformatics, University of Twente (ITC) The Netherlands- Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun
  3. BE Civil Engineering, St.Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering, Anna University
Research Interests
  1. Remote Sensing studies in Earth Science
  2. Modeling Land Atmospheric Coupling
  3. Climate change and Extreme events- Droughts and hot extremes
  4. Climate Induced Mass and velocity variation in Himalayan Glaciers
  5. High Resolution Data Development using Remote sensing
  1. Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA) Ph.D Fellowship under the project “Measurement to Management: Improved Water Use efficiency and Agricultural productivity through Experimental Sensor Network (M2M)”
  2. Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA) international travel support to attend AGU fall meeting 2015 at San Francisco, USA.
  1. Ambika, A. K. (2013). Gangroti glacier motion studies using SAR based inSAR and feature tracking techniques. Enschede, University of Twente Faculty of Geo-Information and Earth Observation (ITC): 77.
  2. Ambika, A. K., Wardlow, B., & Mishra, V. (2016). Remotely sensed high resolution irrigated area mapping in India for 2000 to 2015. Scientific data, 3, 160118.
  3. Conferences
    1. K.A. Anukesh,K.T. Praveen K Thakur A. Alfred Stien · S.P. Aggarwal · Snehmani “Gangotri Glacier Motion Study as an Indicator of Local And Global Climatic Perspective” submitted and accepted for oral presentation and poster display during the International Tropical Meteorology Symposium-2014
    2. Anukesh .K.A, Vimal Mishra “Development of High Resolution Data for Irrigated Area and Cropping Patterns in India, American Geophysical Union
    3. Praveen K Thakur. S.P. Aggarwal ·Anukesh, K.A. A.Alfred Stien · Glacier Displacement and mass change study using TanDEM-X data – inital findings in Gangotri glacier, India
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